Invest in a Poet and Support the Free Market at the Same time: A Review of the poetry of Enoch Warnke (and the longest blog post title ever)

How many published poets do I personally know? It turns out one. Which is a larger number than I would have thought until I discovered that my old pal, my chum, my bro Enoch writes poetry and has published his first collection, Sweet Death I Feel Most Sharply When I feel Nothing At All, and it is available for a measly $4 on Amazon (Kindle edition, so you can start reading now!) That’s right…feed your soul for less than the cost of a styrofoam burger meal at McDonalds.

Sweet Death I Feel Most Sharply When I feel Nothing At All: 40 poems on the conflicts and conquests of the modern mind by [Enoch Warnke]

In truth, Enoch and I haven’t seen each other in more years than I care to count, but he has (apparently) landed geographically close to me in Missouri. His poetic roots were planted in the cold tundra of Dubuque, Iowa, whose taciturn citizens reflect the climate. But the rarest flowers bloom in the strangest places, so they say. The “they” I speak of are those who know something about poetry, which I do not. If I did, I would set to rhyme seventeen reasons why you should buy this book. Since I can’t, one reason I will give why you should take a look. (Ooooo, that was fun!)

Seriously, the reason you should buy this book is because poets have to eat. Enoch cared enough about his poetry to publish this book, and if we want him to write more poetry we need to purchase it so that he will be motivated to keep writing. And I think he should keep writing. Because as little as I know about poetry, I know that when I read this I heard a real voice. That voice was young, energetic, pious (in the best sense of the word), and not yet cynical. All of those are things that should be treasured and appreciated.

So support a free market by choosing where you spend your next few dollars. Feed a hungry poet. Invest in someone.

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