On Conspiracy Theories

This one is purely for fun. If you find yourself getting worked up, just know that I don’t care.

Is the pandemic really a “plandemic”? It seems that even the religious right are getting in on the idea that Covid-19 is really a set up by the globalists for…I’m not quite sure what. A world where everyone wears a facemask? I thought I’d take a running shot at why I don’t buy this conspiracy theory. I do believe in conspiracies. History is rife with them. And sometimes conspiracy theories turn out to be true. But the Plandemic conspiracy falls short of my standards, and here’s why.

People who believe in conspiracy theories are more likely to ...

First, conspiracies have a specific end goal in mind, like the assassination of a specific person. Acts of mass destruction are terrorism. Terrorists don’t really care about too much past the initial devastation they cause. Think about 9/11. There was no specific goal like removing the president so a friendlier one could take his place. The goal was chaos and death and there is no predicting what the response to that amount of chaos and death would be. Acts of terrorism and conspiracies are different in scope, and the scope of Covid-19 is too large to achieve very specific ends. It could end in more robust nationalistic sentiment just as easily as it could result in globalism. It could end with everyone being vaccinated or it could end with no one being vaccinated. It could end with Trump losing the election to Peewee Herman or it could end up with Texas seceding from the Union or of Michael Moore making a movie about personal hygiene. No one can come close to predicting what the end result will be. Terrorism is bird-shot and conspiracies are sniper rounds.

Secondly, conspiracies need a limited number of conspirators. If there are too many people “in” on the plan then somebody is sure to spill the beans. If globalists were plotting a take-over, by now someone would have gotten drunk and told everyone. Somebody would have hit “reply all” on the wrong email and the Washington Post would be running the story. Covid-19 runs across a variety of nations and disciplines that would prevent the absolute secrecy needed for a conspiracy to be successful. And likewise, if the globalists really are able to pull something like this off, aren’t we acknowledging that they are better at running the world than most of us are of running a surprise birthday party?

Thirdly, conspiracies need a small number of steps to come to fruition. Some people imagine that conspiracies are like Rube Goldberg machines, but in reality that allows far too many points of failure. Think about the conspiracy to assassinate Hitler, Operation Valkyrie (a favorite conspiracy of mine!) It failed because an officer in the room unknowingly pushed the briefcase containing the bomb behind the leg of a conference table, which shielded Hitler from the main force of the blast. An almost incidental act ruined the plan. Overly complex conspiracies fail because batteries die, computers crash, alarm clocks don’t go off, flights get canceled, cell phones update, and people need to pee at inopportune times. Well, not just for those reasons, but you get the idea. Doing stuff perfectly is hard…have you been on a Zoom meeting lately?

Having said all of that, I could be wrong. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you! But for me the caution in all of this lies more in the potential abuse of executive powers, the use of the term “state of emergency” to mean something less than a tornado, and the use of the health department to prevent the gathering of religious organizations. I may not think that this has been planned, but I am sure someone is watching, and taking notes.

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